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Why Breckenridge?

Why Breck Is Where You Want To Be

The World is our Classroom

The world is full of learning opportunities.  Every day our children discover something new - even in their own backyards.  Children have a natural eagerness to explore and understand, and at Breckenridge Elementary, we bring that excitement into a school environment.  By encouraging children to be active learners, well-rounded individuals and engaged world citizens, we foster the growth of internationally-minded people and create positive attitudes.  Thank you for joining us in the quest toward a cooperative, peaceful worldwide community!


School Highlights
The IB program is a comprehensive learning philosophy that has many important aspects.  We encourage anyone to come by for a tour of our school to see our inner workings first-hand.  In the meantime, here are a few highlights that make Breck El strong:


Academic Framework: Our curriculum framework consists of concepts, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and action.  The knowledge component is developed through "units of inquiry" that explore six themes of global significance, namely:  Sharing the Planet, Who We Are, How We Organize Ourselves, Where We Are in Place and Time, How the World Works, and How We Express Ourselves.  Each theme is supported and balanced by subject areas that are creative and meaningful.  Don't be surprised when your child comes home talking about  Changing Habitats, Communities, Plants and Insects,  Native Americans,  Natural Disasters,  Heroes,  Inventions, Exploration,  or Biomes/ Ecosystems.


Woven throughout these units of inquiry we have a consistent delivery of core curriculum Kindergarten through 5th Grade with Everyday Math (Math), Benchmark Literacy (Reading), and Lucy Calkins (Writing).  We also have a school-wide agreed behavior program through Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS).  You might hear our amazing kids talk about being "Bulldog Strong" which refers to him/her making a choice that is respectful, responsible, and safe!


Extra curricular activities involve Shakespeare Club, STEAM, Chess Club, Choir and Girls on the Run.


It Takes a Village: Parents at Breck Elementary have made a commitment to raising kids who are culturally aware, respectful of other people, and passionate about experiencing new things.  To leverage the parent body's enthusiasm and further guide the healthy growth of our school, two organizations have been formed.  The PTSA  advocates for all children, organizes fund raisers, and pursues community-building initiatives.  The BAAC is a parent/staff committee focused on the improvement of school programs with distinct academic- and community-driven goals.  We welcome and encourage involvement from Breck families in these organizations!


Intercultural understanding: An important element of IB is mastery of a foreign language. Our foreign language is Spanish. Art and music characterizing cultures around the world further advance our students' understanding of different people and places. We embrace all cultures.


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